Gustav Schmoller Medal

Gustav Schmoller Medal

The Verein für Socialpolitik awards members who have rendered outstanding merits to the association with a medal of honour. The medal of honour is named after one of the founding fathers and long-standing chairman of the Verein für Socialpolitik: Gustav Schmoller Medal.

The Verein für Socialpolitik is currently discussing a section in Gustav Schmoller's book "Grundriß der Allgemein Volkswirtschaftslehre", which is entitled "Die Rassen und Völker". Two historical expert opinions were obtained for this purpose.

Following the expert opinions, the Executive Board decided to pause the awarding of the Gustav Schmoller Medal in the period June 2021 to May 2026, to announce a grant for a research paper (see below), and to discuss the topic of the relevant section of Schmoller's book at the upcoming annual meetings.

Announcement of a Research Grant

The Verein für Socialpolitik (VfS) will be awarding funds up to EUR 8,000 for one or more research projects on Gustav Schmoller's life and work after 1870. Researchers who have not yet received their doctorate or whose doctorate will have been awarded no more than 15 years ago on June 30, 2022, are eligible to apply. The grantee may freely dispose of the funds. The only restrictions are that they are to be expended during the years 2022 - 2025 and in accordance with the grantee's employer's guidelines. For example, the grantee may be reimbursed by the VfS for travel, data collection, or student support work or may use the funds as co-funding for a more substantial grant.

Applications in pdf format of up to 3 pages in length (font size 11, single line spacing) may be submitted to by June 30, 2022, with the subject line "Funding Schmoller." The application should describe a research project that promises new insights into Gustav Schmoller's life and work after 1870 as a (partial) result. Furthermore, the application should include a description of the scientific approach and the applicant's qualification for the research topic. When submitting your application, please include your curriculum vitae. Please also have a brief letter of support sent to us from an academic supervisor or mentor describing (a) the scholarly value of the project and (b) the supporting research environment.


The decision on the awarding of research funding is made by the Management Board.