VfS Fee Regulations

§ 1 General

(1) These membership fee regulations are not part of the statutes. They can be amended only by the General Meeting of the Association. Resolutions on the amendment of the membership fee regulations shall apply from the year following the adoption of the resolution..

(2) In the event of withdrawal from the Association, no refund of fee already paid shall be made.

(3) These membership fee regulations distinguish between fees for personal and for corporate members.

§ 2 Method of Payment and Due Date

(1) The assessed membership fees shall be levied in the 1st quarter of the respective year to which the fee relates. By resolution of the General Meeting, another date may also be set.

(2) The fee is paid by bank payment, direct debit or credit card.

§ 3 Membership Fees

(1) As of January 1, 2019, the following membership fees shall apply:

Personal membership

Full Membership:

Full members with print and online subscription in D-A-CH = 97 €
Full members with online-only subscription in the EU and Switzerland = 89 €
Full members in other countries = 63 €

Reduced membership:

Reduced members with print and online subscription in D-A-CH = 52 €
Reduced members with online-only subscription in the EU and Switzerland = 45 €
Reduced members in other countries = 30 €

Corporate membership (special conditions may apply for existing memberships)

Major partner institutes = 2.000 €
Partner institutes = 1.000 €
Supporting institutes = 500 €

(2) In the case of personal membership, the reduction is granted upon application. A reduction is granted to members who have not yet reached the age of 40. A reduction will not be granted if the member already holds a W2/W3 or an adjunct professorship (Germany), an associate, a university or an extraordinary professorship (Austria), or an (extra-)ordinary professorship (Switzerland).

(3) Changes in personal details must be communicated to the VfS office as soon as possible.

(4) In the event of payment reminders, reminder fees of 5 Euros per reminder can be charged. The Association reserves the right to charge return debit fees to members.

(5) The fee for the personal members is divided into a "pure membership fee" (donation share) and a share for the subscription of the Association magazines. The personal members in D-A-CH have the option to purchase an online only subscription. The discount granted by the De Gruyter publishing house for this will be passed on in full to members and automatically taken into account when invoicing. The membership fee is reduced accordingly.

(6) Personal members in the other countries of the EU (outside DACH) automatically receive an online-only subscription exclusively with their membership for tax reasons. The membership fee is reduced accordingly.

(7) For tax reasons, personal members in third countries (except Switzerland) do not receive either a print or an online subscription with their membership. They will only be charged for the donation portion. They have the option of concluding an external online subscription with the de Gruyter publishing house at membership conditions.

§ 4 Association Account

If payment is not made by direct debit, it may only be made to the account specified in the invoice, stating the reference code.

VfS membership fees of personal members:

Account holder: PayOne GmbH
IBAN: DE81 3005 0000 0001 7723 59
Landesbank Hessen Thüringen

VfS membership fees of corporate members:

Account holder: Verein für Socialpolitik e.V.
IBAN: DE47 2008 0000 0380 8828 00
Commerzbank Hamburg

Membership fee regulations according to the resolution of the General Meeting on September 2, 2018, valid from January 1, 2019; last changed by resolution of the General Meeting on December 8, 2021, valid from January 1, 2022