Annual Conference 2022

11.09.2022 09:00
to 14.09.2022 18:00

Universität Basel
Petersplatz 1
4001 Basel

Core Conference Organisation: Joachim Winter (University of Munich (LMU)
Open Meeting Organisation: Thomas Siedler (University of Potsdam)
Local Organisation: Stefan Felder (University of Basel)

Open Meeting 2022

Call for Papers on all economic topics: February 1 - March 1, 2022

The Annual Conference of the Verein fuer Socialpolitik consists of an Open Meeting with mixed topics and of a core conference with invited lectures concerning “Big Data”. Presentations and Organised Sessions for the Open Meeting may be submitted from all fields of economics.

The submissions will be evaluated by anonymous reviewers and then selected by the programme commission. A decision by the commission can be expected by the end of June 2022.

With approval during the submission process, accepted contributions will be published in EconStor, the online publication database of the ZBW – Leibniz Information Center Economy which is a part of the collection of all VfS conference contributions. Further publication is not intended by the Verein fuer Socialpolitik.

EconStor is a disciplinary publication server for the distribution of economics research papers in Open Access. It is maintained by the ZBW - Leibniz Information Centre for Economics. Making your conference paper on EconStor as a pre-publication available, increases the visibility of your research (e.g. via RePEc) and does not conflict with the submission to a scholarly journal. If necessary, papers on EconStor can be withdrawn and deleted at any time. Further information here. 

Programme Committee of the Open Meeting (Chair: Thomas Siedler, University of Potsdam):

  • Silke Anger (IAB Nuremberg & University of Bamberg)
  • Lena Dräger (University of Hannover)
  • Tomaso Duso (DIW Berlin & TU Berlin)
  • Zeno Enders (University of Heidelberg)
  • Petra Steinorth (University of Hamburg)
  • Uwe Sunde (LMU Munich)
  • Andrea Weber (Central European University)
  • Rudi Winter-Ebmner (University of Linz)
  • Conny Wunsch (University of Basel)
  • Florian Zimmermann (briq & University of Bonn)
  • Josef Zweimüller (University of Zurich)

Core Conference 2022: Big Data in Economics

The availability of massive datasets on economic choices of individuals and firms, from administrative and corporate sources, changes empirical research in the social sciences fundamentally. Economists and statisticians develop new methods that provide new answers to old-standing empirical questions and allow for much faster and granular research. At the same time, new data and methods also change the way administrations and firms work, which creates new and challenging questions for public policy. The keynote lectures shed light on various aspects of using big data in economics research. Ray Chetty (Harvard University) explains how administrative data such as tax filings can be used to understand the heterogeneous effects of macroeconomic shocks and public policies on individuals and to construct real-time diagnostics of the economy. Raffaella Sadon (Harvard Business School) focuses on how managers use the large amounts of data their firms generate in such areas as human resource management. Michael Lechner (University of St. Gallen) explores research opportunities that arise from combining machine-learning methods with large administrative datasets to identify the causal effects of public policies. A panel discussion will review opportunities and challenges of using big data in economic research in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.