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Big Data in Economics

September 11 - 14, 2022 in Basel Local Organisation: Stefan Felder (University of Basel) Core Conference: Joachim Winter (LMU Munich) Open Meeting: Thomas Siedler (University of Potsdam)

Plakat Jahrestagung 2022

Carl Menger Award 2022

The Carl Menger Award 2022 goes to Ricardo Reis (LSE).

Hermann Heinrich Gossen Award 2022

The Hermann Heinrich Gossen Award 2022 goes to Christian Bayer (Bonn University).

Gustav Stolper Award 2022

The Gustav Stolper Award winner 2022 is Monika Schnitzer (LMU Munich).

Reinhard Selten Award 2022

This year´s Reinhard Selten Award winner are Katharina Brütt und Huaiping Yuan! Congratulations!

Annual Conference 2022

Core Conference Organisation: Joachim Winter (University of Munich (LMU) Open Meeting Organisation: Thomas Siedler (University of Potsdam) Local Organisation: Stefan Felder (University of Basel) Picture: (c) Basel…

VfS Annual Conference 2022

Our VfS Annual Conference on "Big Data in Economics" is about to start!

Annual Conference 2023

Call for Papers 2023: February 1 - March 1 Submit your paper or session here The VfS Annual Conference consists of a core conference  with keynotes and…

Call for Submissions: Schmölders Award

The standing field committee of Public Finance will award the prize of the Schmölders Foundation in 2023.

VfS Annual Conference 2022: Registration is now open!

You can now register for the Annual Conference 2022! It will take place from 11 to 14 September at the University of Basel.