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Conference title Date Town Sort descending Details
Max Planck Summer School on the Political Economy of Conflict and Redistribution 2024 29.07.2024 Berlin View
SOEP 2024 - 15th International German Socio-Economic Panel User Conference 04.07.2024 Berlin View
“Transition to a Low Carbon Economy” Annual Meeting of the Austrian Economic Association (NOeG) 02.09.2024 Vienna View
37th CIRET Conference 10.09.2024 Vienna View
Academy of Management - Annual Meeting 09.08.2024 Chicago View
American Accounting Association (AAA) - Annual Meeting 12.08.2024 Washington, DC View
American Economic Association (AEA / ASSA) - Annual Meeting 03.01.2025 San Francisco View
American Finance Association (AFA) - Annual Meeting 03.01.2025 San Francisco View
European Assoc. of Environmental and Ressource Economists (EAERE) - Annual Conference 01.07.2024 Leuven View
European Assoc. of Research in Industrial Economics (EARIE) - Annual Conference 30.08.2024 Amsterdam View