VfS-Annual Meeting 2018

VfS-Annual Meeting 2018


The Annual Congress of the Verein für Socialpolitik consists of a core conference with invited lectures concerning "Digital Economy" and of an open meeting with mixed topics. Presentations and Organised Sessions for the open meeting may be submitted from all fields of economics.


Core Conference 2018: Digital Economy


The rapid progress in computer technology has caused a profound change in both economic and labour relations and led to revolutionary data-driven business concepts. This development entails new problems as well as potential opportunities for the economic policy and regulation. The organisation of the digital economy through politics, society and the economy itself represents one of the most urgent and important challenges of our time.


The confirmed keynote speakers, Google chief economist Hal Varian and Susan Athey from Stanford University, are two of the most renowned researchers and designers in the digital economy. Lars-Hendrik Röller will address issues surrounding the digital economy from the perspective of economy policy and will allow an insight into economic policy consultation on this matter.



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