Thünen speakers

Thünen Lecture 2020

Klaus Schmidt:

"The Design of Climate Change Negotiations"


Thünen Lecture 2019

Jutta Allmendinger:

"Zur Politik des Vertrauens"


Thünen Lecture 2018

Benny Moldovanu:

"Voting in the Bundestag and in the Weimar Republic: Consience or Strategy?"


Thünen Lecture 2017

Monika Bütler:

"Alterssicherung im Spannngsfeld von Zwang, Paternalismus und Wahlfreiheit"


Thünen Lecture 2016

Ernst Baltensperger:

"Geldpolitik in großen und kleinen Währungsräumen. Was lehrt uns das Beispiel des Schweizer Frankens?"


Thünen Lecture 2015

Friedrich Schneider:

“Shadow Economy, Tax Evasion and Corruption: What can we explain using (non-)economic factors?"


Thünen Lecture 2014

Walter Krämer:

“Economics of panik, fear and risk"


Thünen Lecture 2013

Wolfram Richter:

“Education: Optimal choice and efficient subsidy policy"


Thünen Lecture 2012

Gebhard Kirchgässner:

“The role of econometrics in scientific policy advice"


Thünen Lecture 2011

Ernst Fehr:

"Neuro-Economic Foundations of Economic Behavior"


Thünen Lecture 2010

Martin Hellwig:

"Between private autonomy and public interest - the concept of the `private responsibility´ of companies"


Thünen Lecture 2009

Bruno S. Frey:

"Money or recognition? - The Economics of Awards"


Thünen Lecture 2008

Werner Güth:

"Optimal performance, simply satisfied or rashly or rashly: Theory of (un)limited rational decision making"


Thünen Lecture 2007

Hans- Werner Sinn:

"Climate change, green policies and exhaustible resources"


Thünen Lecture 2006

Dennis Mueller:

"Competition and performances in unconventional markets"


Thünen Lecture 2005

Hans Albert:

"The economic tradition and the Constitution of science"


Thünen Lecture 2004

Otmar Issing:

"Communication, Transparency, Accountability - Monetary Policy of the 21st century"


Thünen Lecture 2003

Peter Bernholz:

"The importance of history for economic science and economic theory in the science of history. Illustrated with examples from the field of money and currency"


Thünen Lecture 2002

Herbert Hax:

"Organizational leadership and economic rationality"


Thünen Lecture 2001

Carl Christian von Weizsäcker:

"The concept of efficiency in endogenous preferences - axioms and a theorem"


Thünen Lecture 2000

Ernst Helmstädter:

"The Division of Knowledge"


Thünen Lecture 1999

Reinhard Selten:

"Bounded rationality and economic motivation"



Thünen Lecture 1998

Erich Streissler:

"6½ Exchange Rates"


Thünen Lecture 1997

Werner Hildenbrand:

"The relevance of microeconomic behavioral assumptions for modeling the temporal evolution of aggregates"


Thünen Lecture 1996

Rudolf Richter:

"The new institutional economics - ideas and opportunities"


Thünen Lecture 1995

Heinz König:

"Innovation and Employment"


Thünen Lecture 1994

Kurt W. Rothschild:

"Wages, theories: Theories of wages"


Thünen Lecture 1993

Horst Albach:

"Information, time and competition"


Thünen Lecture 1992

Martin Beckmann:

"The economics of knowledge"


Thünen Lecture 1991

Karl Schiller


Thünen Lecture 1990

Gottfried Bombach:

"Measuring wealth and growth in prosperity: The debate on productivity then and now"


Thünen Lecture 1989

Herbert Giersch:

"Space and time in a global economic approach"


Thünen Lecture 1988

Jürg Niehans:

"Classic economics as national economic myth"


Thünen Lecture 1987

Norbert Kloten:

"A paradigm shift in monetary policy?"


Thünen Lecture 1986

William Krelle: