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Teachers, students and prospective students



Working materials for the classroom:

Handelsblatt goes to school

Web portal "Economics and Law in the classroom"

Business and School

Zeitbild Economics

Federal Center for Political Education: Economy

Climate Portal ProClim

The game SimEconomy provides the ability to replay a simplified economic life cycle in the classroom.


Studying as a disabled person:

Studying in Germany

Studying in UK

Studying in Australia

Studying in Canada


Business news on the web:


Business Week (Wirtschaftswoche)

Economic pages of "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung"

Economic pages of "Der Spiegel"

Economic pages of "Süddeutsche Zeitung"

Economic pages of "Die Welt"

Economic pages of "Die Zeit"


Information for prospective students:

There are different ways to obtain a degree in economics. Many university faculties focus on particular areas, while others are more general in scope; this is reflected in the types of courses offered. To get an overview of the various offerings, the following websites are helpful:

Study guide of "Die Zeit"


Master-Studien des Stifterverbands investigates how students plan their studies and which factors influence their decisions.