Studies and PhD

Doctoral studies and Thesis-Writing:


Impact of COVID-19 on the Academic Jobmarket for Economists:

Here you can find a webinar and a PowerPoint presentation with more information by Roland Strausz.



Aids for study and promotion:

John H.Cochrane: Writing Tips for Ph. D. Students. 2005.

The text by John H. Cochrane provides tips for writing scientific papers. These include e.g. the appropriate structure and style of writing.


Hal R. Varian: How to Built Economic Models in Your Spare Time. Erste Version 1994, aktuelle Version 2009

Hal R. Varian describes in this article how he creates economic models. He covers the entire work process - from idea generation to the completion of an article.


Daniel S. Hamermesh: The Young Economist's Guide to Professional Etiquette. Journal of Economic Perspectives, Volume 6, Number 1, 169-179, 1992.

This article, by Daniel S. Hamermesh, is about the quirks and habits of the academic world. Hamermesh describes how young scientists can take advantage of their academic environment.


Don Davis: Thesis Research: Where Do I Start?

The notes by Don Davis are adressed to PhD beginners. He gives advice on how to search for topics and the entry into scientific work.



Data sources:

Statistisches Bundesamt (Deutschland)

Bundesamt für Statistik (Schweiz)

Statistik Austria


World Bank Data


Penn World Table

United Nations Statistics Division

United Nations Data

Historische Daten

US Census Bureau (amerikanische Daten)



The most common software:

One tool of economic research is working with special software. Here are some links that may be helpful to start.



Program with particular strengths in time series analysis.



Calculation of numerical problems with matrices, macroeconomic simulations, time series econometrics and much more.



Computer algebra system for various mathematical operations, such as solution of equations, derivation of functions, visualization, etc.



R is a programming language that is used in statistics and econometrics and is available for free download.



Widely-used econometrics software.



Econometrics software mainly used in microeconometrics, but also in time series econometrics..



Word processor for writing formal, intensive texts is available for free download.


Scientific WorkPlace

Software package that provides a basis for LaTex-algebra system alongside scientific text processing. 



Find articles:

Google Scholar and Scirus are search engines that search all academic articles for certain words or terms.

There are also search engines from certain literature databases which can provide further information, e.g. which articles were cited ba whom.

Social Science Research Network


Web of Knowledge



Advice for living:

Being a PhD can be difficult. So it is sometimes helpful to see that other PhD students have the same problems. "PhD Comics" illustrate the life of US-PhD students and is based on suggestions from PhD students from all over the world.