Reinhard Selten Prize

Reinhard Selten Award



Every year, the Verein awards the Reinhard Selten Award (Young Author Best Paper Award) for papers that are particularly characterized by originality, significance of the research question and clean methodology.


The award is named after Reinhard Selten, the only German-speaking Nobel laureate to-date in economics, who was honored for his work in the field of game theory - in particular his development of the concepts of subgame perfection and the “trembling”-hand perfect equilibrium.



The prize is awarded to an author or authors who have presented papers in a session of the open meeting at the annual conference. None of the authors may be older than 32 years of age in the year the award is conferred.


The selection of winners is decided by the Open Meeting Commission of the annual conference under the auspices of its chairperson.



The list of previous winners can be found here.