Prizes and Awards

Verleihung des Gossen-Preises 2017 Prizes and Awards

Gossen award ceremony 2017, with
Chairman Prof. Achim Wambach and award winner
Prof. Georg Weizsäcker



The Verein für Socialpolitik assigns various prizes and awards. As the umbrella organization of German-speaking economists, the Verein für Socialpolitikconsiders one of its primary tasks to honor outstanding contributions to intellectual discourse and research in economics, particularly by younger researchers.

Prizes and awards given by the association are:


Gossen Award

Gustav Stolper Award

Reinhard Selten Award

Carl Menger Award

Thünen Lecture


Thünenvorlesung 2017 Stolper-Preis 2017
Thünen lecture 2017: Prof. Monika Bütler Stolper award ceremony 2017, award winner:  Prof. Ludger Wößmann
Gossen-Preis-Verleihung 1998 Gossen-Preis-Verleihung 2002

Gossen award ceremony 1999 with the previous Chairman Prof. Hans-Werner Sinn and award winner Prof. Ernst Fehr.

Gossen award ceremony 2000, award winner: Kai A. Konrad
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