Jobmarket Preparation Seminar

Jobmarket Preparation Seminar


Rüdiger Bachmann (University of Notre Dame), together with Paul Heidhues (Düsseldorf University, DICE), and Daniel Sturm (London School of Economics), will offer a two-day job market preparation seminar during the 2019 annual meeting of the Verein für Socialpolitik in Leipzig (23/24 September 2019). Workshop language: English.



  • Presentation on the international job market
  • Three-minute spiel on the job market paper
  • Mock interviews
  • Presentation of the job market paper



  • Raising awareness with PhD students that the presentation and proper communication of research is ever more important for a career in academia.
  • Teaching of the often informal rules and scripts that govern the international and domestic academic job market.
  • Feedback from experienced senior researchers.
  • PhD students need to learn to prove themselves outside the comfort zone of their own departments.


Target Group:

  • Advanced PhD students who are thinking about going on the international job market.
  • Advanced PhD students with a more German focus who want to improve their communication and presentation skills.



  • Applicants need a potential job market paper. When the seminar takes place in September there needs to be a presentable job market paper.
  • Participants must be members of the Vereins für Socialpolitik.
  • Participants must register for the conference and pay the conference fees.




Starting 1 July 2019, send a CV, a brief statement of purpose, and a job market paper to Subject line: JMS2019.  Deadline: 31 July 2019. The maximal number of participants is 8.


Please do not hesitate to contact Rüdiger Bachmann at in case of any questions.