Information for young academics

Vortrag Offene Tagung VfS-Jahrestagung 2013Workshop Forschungsförderung durch die DFG

Presentation in the VfS 2013 open meeting.

Workshop on research funding, VfS-Annual Conference 2013, Düsseldorf.



 Information for Young Academics 


In this category you find information on:


  1. Teachers, students and prospective students

  2. Doctoral Studies and Thesis-Writing

  3. Ph.D. opportunities

  4. Ph.D. funding

  5. Research on Doctoral Studies

  6. Jobmarket for Economists

  7. Research on the academic jobmarket


In a video series "Germany's best professors promote their subject" of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) Prof. Lars Feld talks about Economics.

The financial expert Lars Feld teaches Economic Policy at the University of Freiburg and directs the Walter Eucken Institute.


Plenarsaal VfS-Jahrestagung 2012

Verlagsausstellung VfS-Jahrestagung 2012

Plenary lecture, VfS-Annual Conference 2012.

Exhibition of scientific publishing and research institutes on the occasion of the VfS-Annual Conference 2012.