Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics



The Code of Ethics identifies behavioral norms for good and - from the association’s perspective - ethically acceptable scientific work in economics. The Code of Ethics is a formal part of the Bylaws.



Guiding Principles

The guiding principles stated in the preamble of the Code of Ethics are: transparency, objectivity, independence, and fairness. In its nine articles, the Code regulates the behavior of scholars towards one another; such as requirements for use and citation of own and others’ work, and the relationship of scientists with society. As an example, the Code requires the disclosure of all funding sources which might jeopardize the objectivity of the research process and neutrality of scientific expertise.




The acceptance of the Code of Ethics and the commitment to follow the established guidelines are a precondition for membership in the Verein.




The Code of Ethics is not a law, but an expression of social norms which apply to all members of the association. The editors and reviewers of the association's journals, as well as those who submit articles, are bound by this Code. However, the association is also committed to holding other journals published in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to the Code’s rules.



Incorporation of the Code of Ethics into the Bylaws

The members of the association voted for the incorporation of the Code into the Bylaws – at the request of the current chairman - with an overwhelming majority (about 90 percent) in July 2012.




With the inclusion of the Code of Ethics into the bylaws, two new bodies were created: first, an Ombudsperson is to act as contact person for all matters related to the Code and uphold the trust of the membership. Secondly, a standing Ethics Committee is to be constituted, which is active on demand (especially by the Ombudsperson), and shall formulate recommendations for the Executive Council. These two institutions are the predominant forces working together to shape the further evolution of the Code.



The code of Ethics can be downloaded here as a pdf-file.