Congratulations to Prof. Martin Kocher
The new chairman of the VfS Georg Weizsäcker wishes Martin Kocher every success in his new position as Austrian Federal Minister for Labor.

Core Conference Panel: "Women in Economics"
Here you can find the presentations of the core conference panel: "Women in Economics: Facts and Causes of Underrepresentation”

VfS Annual Conference 2020
Get ready for VfS Annual Conference 2020! Conference virtual platform is now live.

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Georg Weizsäcker (c) Matthias Heyde


Welcome to the Verein für Socialpolitik!


Despite the old-fashioned German spelling of its name, the Verein is actually quite modern. We use our scientific formats – the annual conference, the “Ausschüsse” (committees), and our journals – to disseminate new economic research. We provide our members with an up-to-date support structure that is designed especially for the younger members. And not least, we are a platform for discussions on how to make progress in our profession.


One prominent change of the last few years is especially important:

we speak English. Not only in this short salutation, but in much of our work and throughout the annual conference. This is important because the composition of economists in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland currently shows a big change towards non-native German speakers. This change is a highly valuable development for our field.


Last year’s annual conference, with a fascinating topic “Gender Economics” in its core panels, was organized by University of Cologne, yet took place in an online format. It was sad to not see our members in person, but the conference was a great event nevertheless. Many, many thanks to all who participated and made it possible!


In 2021, we will meet in beautiful Regensburg, with the equally fascinating topic “Climate Economics” in the conference’s core panels. Plus, we will as usual have many contributed sessions with scientific contributions from all fields of economics. I very much look forward to all the personal meetings there.


In the meantime, please do stay in close touch and send us your thoughts and ideas on, really, anything. They are most welcome to me, to the many active colleagues in the Verein’s boards and committees, and to its central office.


Best regards,

Georg Weizsäcker

Chair of the Verein für Socialpolitik


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