The Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences invites applications for a position as Research Associate in the DFG graduate program "Collective Decision-Making". The starting date is March 1, 2021, and the initial fixed term is three years. The position calls for 75 % of standard work hours per week.


We seek applications from excellently qualified and highly motivated young researchers in Economics. Applicants must hold a Master’s degree in a research-oriented Master’s program in Economics or in an interdisciplinary Master’s program with a strong focus on economics, in particular microeconomics. The Master’s program should be closely related to the graduate program “Collective Decision-Making” which is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and is concerned with the descriptive and normative dimensions of collective decision-making. It provides doctoral researchers in Economics, Philosophy and Political Science with a structured qualification program to do their doctorate in one of the three disciplines.
The research program conceptualizes collective decision-making as a complex and interactive process involving individual preferences, epistemic and normative beliefs, as well as decision-making procedures and institutions. It integrates theoretical and empirical research, including experimental methods. The qualification program and supervision strategy will provide doctoral researchers with both the specialist disciplinary knowledge and skills for studying collective decision-making, as well as the interdisciplinary competence to converse across the three disciplines. The interdisciplinary research environment will support doctoral researchers in their efforts to make innovative contributions in their dissertations. Researchers completing the program will stand out for their ability to engage in advanced theoretical, empirical, and normative reasoning about collective decision-making and generate new ideas concerning the design of procedures to tackle the complex governance problems of modern society.


The research associate has to complete the doctoral qualification program and to write a doctoral dissertation in theoretical or experimental economics on a topic related to the research program of the graduate program, especially on normative judgements in collective decision-making (project P3) or on endogenous institutions (project P5). The position involves teaching of tutorials for basic courses in economics and specialized courses in microeconomics as well as the supervision of students in seminars. The teaching load is 1 hour per week. Presence in Hamburg is required except for research related absences.


For further information on the graduate program and the application procedure, please consult our website under For further information about the research and teaching obligations please contact Prof. Dr. Anke Gerber at

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