Regional Inequalities – Patterns, Causes, Effects and Policies

Datum der Konferenz: 
14.03.2018 bis 16.03.2018
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Konferenzen in A,CH,D
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European regions show remarkable differences in living conditions in general, and particularly in economic and social conditions. The main objective of the conference is to share new research in the fields of economics, sociology, regional science and geography on this special topic. In the context of the current research project “Equal Living Conditions” of FAU (Nürnberg) and Philipps-Universität (Marburg), the conference aims to foster the scientific exchange on the perception, patterns, causes, effects and policy aspects of regional inequality, also across disciplines. To this end, current empirical and theoretical contributions of the several fields of research are welcomed. Contributions on the following issues, but not limited to, are particularly invited:

  • Regional economic growth
  • Convergence and divergence
  • Regional and structural policy
  • Intergovernmental grants
  • Interregional fairness and justice
  • Interregional migration
  • Place-based policies
  • Spatial dimensions of social and economic inequality
  • Perceptions and beliefs about regional inequality
  • Acceptance of regional redistribution policies
Land der Konferenz: 
Thomas Brenner
Philipps-Universität Marburg
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