hallenges of Interactions between Macroprudential and other Policies

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Internationale Konferenzen
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We have the pleasure of inviting you to the joint SUERF/Narodowy Bank Polski conference on “Challenges of Interactions between Macroprudential and other Policies” to be held in Warsaw on 15 February, 2019. The conference will provide an opportunity for debate among academics, regulators and practitioners. 

The conference includes two sessions and a policy interaction:
Session I:   Policy Interactions: Different points of view
Session II:  Macroprudential policy and DSGE modelling
Session III: Optimal Bank Capital – theory and practice

Stijn Claessens, Bank for International Settlements, will give the keynote address on “Moving forward with macroprudential frameworks”.

Confirmed Speakers: Hiona Balfoussia, Bank of Greece; Henrik Braconier, Finansinspektionen Sweden; Philipp Hartmann, European Central Bank; Michala Marcussen, Société Générale; Kalin Nikolov, European Central Bank; Dobromił Serwa, Narodowy Bank Polski; Javier Suarez, CEMFI; Moritz Schularick, University of Bonn; Skander van der Heuvel, Federal Reserve Board.


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SUERF- The European Money and Finance Forum
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Warsaw, Poland