Data & Ethics

Datum der Konferenz: 
22.11.2019 bis 23.11.2019
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Art der Konferenz: 
Internationale Konferenzen
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The accelerating digitalization brings up new challenges across various areas such economics, finance, medicine, biology, technology, or energy. These challenges come along with ethical questions that arise within affected disciplines, e.g. questions from cyber-security, privacy issues, job-security, shifts in economic frameworks, to technological progress in biology and the use of big data. Moreover, the tensions between efficiency, security and freedom are moving to the core of societal reform.


The goal of this conference is to bring together ethicists, economists, technological experts, and business leaders to comprehensively examine not only the political, economic and technological impact of big data, but also how big data can be used responsibly to the global benefit of society.


Suggested topics that a proposal could address include:

• Big data and Privacy

• Future of Fintech

• Energy requirements / Sustainability of digitalization

• Transhumanism

• Basic income / Inter-generational contracts

• Blockchain and Smart Contracts


Land der Konferenz: 
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Gehrig
Universität Wien
Ort der Konferenz: 
Stift Klosterneuburg