BESH Doctoral Consortium and Award: Wellbeing

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28.05.2020 bis 29.05.2020
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Konferenzen in A,CH,D
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BESH Doctoral Consortium: May 28, 2020


We are pleased to announce the 1st Annual BESH Doctoral Consortium for young researchers (doctoral  and  post-doctoral candidates),  which  will  take  place at  WFI  Ingolstadt  School  of Management, KU Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, Germany. The consortium will feature a small and intimate setting for young researchers  to  interact  and  discuss  their  research  with  successful,  internationally  renowned, research  professors  and  participate  in sessions on  the  publication  process,  crafting  original research, and developing a research pipeline. The consortium will also feature a poster session for  young  researchers  and  a  networking  reception.  Applicants  interested  in  attending  the doctoral consortium are required to pay a modest participation fee of 100 EUR, and make their own  travel  and  accommodation  arrangements.  For  no  extra  fee,  consortium  participants  will also have the opportunity to attend the 2nd Annual BESH Research Symposium the next day, on May 29,  2020,  featuring  research  presentations  by internationally  renowned  scholars:

Prof. Aline  Bütikofer  (NHH  Bergen),  Prof.  Andrew  Clark  (PSE  Paris), and  Prof.  Vanessa  Patrick (University of Houston).


BESH Doctoral Research Award

KU Research Institute for Business and Economics in Service of Humanity (BESH) is pleased to invite applications for the 1st Annual BESH Doctoral Research Award from doctoral candidates in the fields of Business or Economics. BESH will award three prizes for top doctoral research (cash prices of 1500 EUR, 1000 EUR, and 500 EUR). Applicants should be currently enrolled in a doctoral or PhD program, should not have completed their PhD at the time of application, and should  submit  research  that  has  at  least  some  empirical  work  completed  at  the  time  of application. Winners will be invited to present their research at the BESH Doctoral Consortium on  May  28,  2020, at  WFI  Ingolstadt  School  of  Management,  KU  Germany, and  to collect  their prizes at an awards ceremony. Each of the three winners will also be awarded a travel stipend of  500  EUR,  and  will  not  be  required  to  pay  the Doctoral  Consortium  fee.  The  selection committee for the awards comprises of the four founding research chairs of BESH. The primary criteria for the awards are originality, theoretical and methodological rigor, and, likely impact of  the  research.  Submissions of  interdisciplinary  papers in  business  and  economics  are especially encouraged.


Topic for this year’s BESH Doctoral Research Award: Well-Being

BESH invites doctoral candidates in Business or Economics to submit their best empirical work on  the  topic of well-being. Sub  topics  include  (but  are  not  limited  to) physical well-being, financial  well-being,  dimensions  of well-being,  well-being  of  vulnerable individuals  including but not limited to migrants, lifestyle and well-being, sustainability and well-being, technology and well-being, measurement issues in well-being.


Submission Guidelines

Please submit  an extended  abstract (maximum word  limit:  2000  words; figures,  tables,  and references are not included in the word limit) in a single PDF file with the following information included within the document –

1. Title of the Research

2. Full Name, Affiliation, and Contact Email Address

3. Motivation,  Theoretical  Foundation, Description of  the  Empirical  Work(Study  design(s), Methods  and  Results),  Theoretical  and Managerial/Policy Implications,  Limitations  and Future Research.


Please  note  that only  extended  abstracts  adhering  to  the above-mentioned guidelines  will  be accepted. Please follow these guidelines for submitting your entry–

1. Submit your entry by sending your extended abstract in one single PDF document, via email, to

2. Please use the following for the Subject of your email: BESH Doctoral Award Application

3. Please  include  the  following,  clearly,  in  the  body of  your  email:  your  full  name,  your university affiliation, and your contact email address

Submission deadline is 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time on Sunday, March 1, 2020. Late entries will not be accepted. Notification of awards will be made via email by April 1, 2020.


About BESH

KU  Research  Institute  for  Business  and  Economics  in  Service  of  Humanity  (BESH)  was established  in  2019.  The  aim  of  BESH  is  to  develop,  publish  and  elevate  collaborative, interdisciplinary  research  in  Business  and  Economics  that  address  urgent  challenges  facing humanity.  These  include  challenges  and topics  in  health,  education,  financial  well-being, migration, responsible consumption, digitization and the labor market, and the development of smart and sustainable service offerings. BESH is an initiative of four professors at the Faculty of Business and Economics at the WFI Ingolstadt School of Management (in alphabetical order): Prof.  Alexander  Danzer  (Chair  of  Microeconomics),  Prof.  Jens  Hogreve  (Chair  of  Service Management),  Prof.  Shashi  Matta  (Chair  of  Innovation  and  Creativity)  and  Prof.  Simon Wiederhold (Chair of Macroeconomics).

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Prof. Dr. Alexander Danzer
KU Eichstätt-Ingolstadt
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KU Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, WFI, Auf der Schanz 49, 85049 Ingolstadt, Germany