2nd Vienna Workshop on Economic Forecasting 2020

Datum der Konferenz: 
04.06.2020 bis 05.06.2020
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Konferenzen in A,CH,D
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Due to the coronavirus situation the workshop will be postponed. More information to follow mid-April.

Keeping in line with measures taken across the globe to help mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to postpone the “Second Vienna Workshop on Economic Forecasting” in June 4-5, 2020 at IHS, Vienna. From today's perspective we plan to hold the workshop on October 29-30, 2020. We continue to evaluate the situation and will make a final decision by mid-April whether a postponement to autumn is reasonable and possible.
Please note that the submission, user registration and registration for participation is closed until after April 15.


The 2nd Vienna Workshop on Economic Forecasting 2020, hosted by the Institute for Advanced Studies – Institut für Höhere Studien (IHS), will take place from June 4–5, 2020.


Invited Speakers:

Gerhard Arminger (University of Wuppertal)

Matteo Ciccarelli (European Central Bank)

Philip Hans Franses (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Michael W McCracken (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis).


The conference welcomes contributions from different approaches to economic forecasting, including forecasts based on time series models (VAR, SVAR, Factor Models,…), DSGE models, large scale structural models or forecasting using microeconomic data. Another topic of interest is forecast evaluation.

The goal of this conference is to exchange ideas and to discuss recent results and developments in economic forecasting. Authors working in applications or theory of economic forecasting are invited to submit an abstract.

Land der Konferenz: 
Helga Hanl-Lohn
Institut für Höhere Studien – Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS)
Ort der Konferenz: 
Institut für Höhere Studien – Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS) Josefstädter Straße 39 1080 Vienna